Saturday, 27 February 2010

At last I have my roadster back on the road and even though it's pouring with rain and hail stones I'm loving it. The car's been off the road since late Sept due to the new cam not performing as expected so it was taken down and set up again. This time it seems to be much better but time will tell and it won't be known for sure until I get it down the strip at the Nostalgia Nationals later in the summer.

The truck is back in the workshop and I'm half way through replacing the entire braking system. Should be back on the road mid week all being well. Pete

Long suffering other halves

Photo taken last year at the Nostalgia Nationals, reckon both need a medal for putting up with myself and Pete and our love of rods and bikes. Nathan

Friday, 26 February 2010


aha I finally cracked the code and my box of tricks has let me write some nonsense. Wouldn't it be simpler if it were built like prewar cars or bikes(we allow anything up to early seventies here just so that my Ironhead doesn't get excluded!)
Yep I'm the third amigo that makes up the Outsiders band of merry (read falling over blind drunk) men.
Currently own 1 bike and 1 car, both off the road and non runners, story of my life. Big big thanks to Pete for all his work and efforts on both my projects, "he's a bloody star ladies and gentleman i can tell you and that's no lie" ...note to reader use your best Dick Van Dyke voice for the last bit!
Anyways here's what I got

1931 Ford Coupe

1972 Harley Ironhead sportster

Now I've worked out how this blogging thingy works I'll try to bore you with pics on a regular basis Nathan

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

We also do Bikes!!

Pete on the 6T.

Nifty on Lil' Bastard.

J.P. on Pete's A10. J.P.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Damn Brakes

Since the rebuild of the truck I have had some issues with the brakes and yesterday they finally gave up on me. Drove the truck to work with no problems and when I came to drive home I had no brakes. NICE!!

Also got the roadster out of the workshop for a quick spin today. First time driving with all the fenders on. And it seems all the work I did earlier on the motor has paid of as it seems to have a bit more go. VERY NICE!! Pete

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

well I never

thought I would be in with the blog thing but this looks like a good idea.

As this is the start of the new blog I think I should say a few words about us and who we are. As JP has already said, we are a bunch of petrol head friends who like most things traditional, be it bikes, cars, planes or just about anything old and mechanical.
We are JP the computer man, well he knows more than the rest of us how to use one, Nathan who is the collector of parts bought from Ebay etc as he works all over the place and he's also the chatty one who'll talk to anyone and does all of my drinking. Then there's me, Pete, I'm the fabricator and welder, the one who turns all the ideas into reallity. Together we are the founder members of The Outsiders.


Pete's daily driver Ford F1 Truck.

Pete's Model A Roadster.
Pete's roadster is now fitted with full running boards, and after a little work on the front shocker mounts should be back on the road soon.

Nifty's Coupe.
Now in a million pieces, the chassis is off for powder coating and the engine is with Jim Turnbull being tuned. He is also working on the Quick change rear. This coupe is gonna fly!

The Outsiders Start a BLOG!

Well, here goes......
We thought it was time we showed the world what we're up to.
We are 'The Outsiders'!
We build & race traditional style Hot Rods and Motorcycles, drink beer and generally fool about.
Hopefully, when we get this BLOG sorted we'll show the build up of Nifty's Coupe and the re-working od Pete's Model A Roadster, as well as some older pics of our other Cars and Trucks.
Stay tuned folks, summer's comin'....