Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Ok so who's going? The best thing this side of the salt flats, seriously if you've never been this is the most Rockin' hot rod event in Europe. So turn your jeans up and comb the pomade through your quiff.
Drive in movie,wall of death, dirt track oval, great band line up, soap box derby, art show and the best traditional rods you could lay your peepers on! see ya there


  1. My Jeans aint long enough to turn up without lookin' odd & I'm bald. Haven't got a decent car either. Might still go though.....

  2. Take the flying penis again or sweet talk Pete into lending you the truck.If you stopped wearing your jeans under your armpits you'd be good to go! ;)
    Seriously though it's a weekend that can't be missed. It's come a long way since the last one you went to

  3. You don't need turnips to look odd:)
    You should come though, it is the best weekend of the year and you do take better pics than either of us, so get ya camera, hitch up ya jeans and don the straw hat to cover the shinny bit and get drunk with the rest of us