Friday, 2 April 2010

Good friday but crap weather

We made it to Wheels Day but felt disappointed, the weather was bad enough but personally the showfield didn't hold much interest for me. So we headed over to Namco in Farnborough to see Billy's setup. Not one PT Cruiser or Mk2 Cortina in sight!!

Then we headed out to visit Mile's shop Jackhammer and his new premises, extremely cool hotrod parts shop indeed. Steaming mugs of tea and coffee flowing freely and a great opportunity to have a gander at the superb collection of hot rod related magazines and books that Mile's sells and obviously all the shiney car parts too. The shop is also home to an altered wheelbased '55 Chevy in full race trim, ace!!It was all I could do to not spend all my cash on dress up parts for the Flathead, I did however buy myself a steering shaft to fit my '40 Ford steering wheel and the latest issue of Dice (more about that later)
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